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...without raising the number on your scale.

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Rewrite your cocktail rules—don’t be afraid to sneak your daily dose of vegetables into your drink. Vinaigrette is no stranger to this new mantra. Their Kale Mary puts a green twist on a classic, while their Raspbeeta incorporates raspberries, beets and tequila into a vibrant margarita your taste buds won’t forget… hard to beet that!

Poppin’ Bottles


Serving size: 4 oz. 

Alcohol content: about 12 percent

Calories: approximately 90

Champagne has added sugar and alcohol; known as “le dosage,” it’s added during the production process. This added sugar is important to keep in mind when you’re having more than one glass. Luckily, serving sizes of champagne are typically smaller than other alcoholic beverages, keeping the calorie and sugar count lower.

Pro tip:  Look for labels with “brut zero” or “brut nature,” which both mean hardly any extra sugar was added.

Crack Open a Cold One


Serving size: 12 oz. 

Alcohol content: 3 to 10 percent; depending on the beer, most fall between 4 and 6 percent

Calories: 150 calories on average

Because beer doesn’t appear to be as strong as shots or cocktails, people tend to drink more in one sitting—causing a serious caloric overload. This can lead to the ever-dreaded beer belly. 

Pro tip: Choose a light beer, which can have as little as 60 calories.

Beer’s Gluten-Free Brother 


Serving size: 12 oz. 

Alcohol content: 1.2 to 8.5 percent

Calories: 150 to mid 200 calories on average

Popular brand Angry Orchard has 210 calories per serving for their Green Apple variety

It’s bottled like beer, but offers an alternative for gluten-free drinkers that still want to be a part of the party. Yet, unlike sugar-free beer, cider has a high sugar content, due to the apples in its composition. This means higher caloric and carbohydrate counts in cider. 

Pro tip: Look for brands that are lower in sugar such as Harpoon Craft Cider or Samuel Smith’s Organic Cider. 

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