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Best Cycling Instructor

1. Tara Granberry - WINNER

2. David Garza

3. Caprice Richards 

Tara Granberry - RIDE

How did you get into teaching indoor cycling classes?

It was an instructor in Dallas that I loved. She was so motivational and encouraging. How she made me feel is how I wanted to make others feel.

What workout pairs well with indoor cycling?

I would say Lagree Pilates. It lengthens the muscles and it’s all about slow, controlled movements. Whereas here, it’s faster and mostly cardio. It’s always important to have some strength training.

How many classes a week do you teach? How many do you take?

I normally teach 7–8 classes a week. I try to take 1–2 classes a week. 

What advice do you give to newcomers?

I always tell them that the more you come, the better you get. It doesn’t necessarily get easier. Focus on something they were able to do in class—even if it’s just for five seconds—that is an accomplishment. Build from there. The coordination is challenging, but it can definitely be learned. It takes a little bit of time, but when you finally get it, it’s a really gratifying “a-ha!” moment.

How do you set yourself apart as an instructor?

I think each individual instructor is different. I try to make it a performance. So you’re not just getting a workout, per se, but you’re getting something that’s fun and engaging. [At RIDE] we strive to encourage and motivate people, but I think it’s more about the interaction in the room. A lot of instructors will just stay on the bike and talk the talk, but I’ll get off and dance with you and be in your face.

What’s in your bag?

Ditta (pronounced Dee-tah) is my dog. She’s 18 years old so she’s been with me through all stages of life. I take her everywhere. I love music and festivals. It’s one of the main reasons I love Austin. I drink coffee everyday—it fuels my body. And Jo’s is a short walk from RIDE so it’s convenient. I enjoy reading when I have the time. I prefer non-fiction.

Best CrossFit Coach

1. Dave Appel

With over 20 years of experience as a coach, Dave Appel doesn’t shy away from jumping in with his members and participating in the workout. His hands-on method, mixed with his loyalty and drive for success, makes him the ultimate CrossFit guru to learn from. 

2. Justin Adams

3. Nader Issa (tie)

4. Tim Rawlings (tie)

Austin’s Best Fitness Ambassador

1. Caprice Richards

This bright and bubbly cycling instructor approaches fitness as something beyond a way to get in shape. Caprice turns her workouts into a celebration, a boost of inspiration, and an opportunity to give back to the community.

2. Jess Martin

3. Mike O’Hara

Hardest Workout in Austin

1. Camp Gladiator

Another win for Camp Gladiator proves that this program is too legit to quit. This is one bootcamp that has found the perfect balance of super fun and extremely challenging. 

2. Stronghorn Saturday Sweat Session

3. Love Cycling Studio with David Garza

Best Short Distance Road Race (10K or shorter)

1. Statesman Cap10K

The largest 10K in Texas, this race is held annually in April. All money raised is donated to local non-profits. 2017’s race will celebrate its 40th anniversary in Austin. 

2. Turkey Trot

3. Run for the Water 5K

Best Long Distance Road Race (Longer than a 10K)

1. Austin Marathon + Half Marathon

Run through green, tree-lined city parks, cross bridges over the Colorado River, and trek through Austin’s city streets and neighborhoods in this race. Advertised as walker-friendly, you don’t need to be an experienced runner to join the fun. 

2. 3M Half Marathon

3. Run for the Water 10-Miler

Best Triathlon

1. Kerrville Triathlon

Experience the beauty of the Texas Hill Country in this race held annually in September. The event features eight different distance events, so there’s a race for every kind of athlete. 

2. CapTex Triathlon

3. Rookie Triathlon

Best Trail Running Race

1. Spectrum Trail Races

If you’re a runner who can appreciate creativity and community, it’s past time to sign up for your first Spectrum trail race. The locally-based company hosts races all over the state, including the first ever run through the Davis Mountains in west Texas. Spectrum wastes no time or effort conjuring up an impressive (and often whimsical) experience.

2. Rogue Trail Series

3. Bandera Trail Race

Best Cycling Event

1. Driveway Series

This cycling facility and event is a no-nonsense, real-experience practice method to improve your racing dynamics and handling skills. Located on the east side of Austin, Driveway Series holds training and practice races every Thursday night from March through October.

2. Livestrong Ride

3. MS150

Best Adventure/MOB Race

1. Spartan

Spartan Races put your health, fitness, and mind to the test. With different difficulty levels and events all around the country, there’s no excuse not to give it a try. 

2. Tough Mudder

3. LEEF’s Mudstacle & Family Adventure Run

Best Fitness Competition


We’d be lying if we said we weren’t flattered! Thanks to everyone who voted for our event. We are always working to make adjustments and looking for new ways to keep this as Austin’s favorite fitness competition.

2. The Fittest Games

3. Horrible Hundred

Best Bodybuilding Competition

1. Naturally Fit Games

Although the Naturally Fit Games are a multitude of fitness competitions all under one roof, the bodybuilding competition draws the best contenders who practice bodybuilding, while abstaining from performance-enhancing drugs. 

2. Texas Shredder

3. Adela Garcia

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