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Best Barre Studio

1. Pure Barre - WINNER

Sculpt and tone your body and stimulate your mind during this ballet-inspired workout. No dance experience is required, so bring your two left feet and give it a go.

2. MOD

3. Barre3 Austin

Rashanna Moss - Pure Barre Westlake

What do you want newcomers who have never taken a barre class to know?

Newcomers should know that Pure Barre is one of the most efficient and full-body workouts that there is. It’s a challenging workout that is very dependent on your upper body movements, so it’s important to understand that. It’s something that you commit to and stick with.

What sets you apart from other barre studios?

We are set apart because of the fact that we are such a family and invested in our clients from a personal standpoint. It’s not just about the workout or the techniques themselves (even though those are huge aspects) but we are so invested in our clients as people, and that’s why they stay and become a part of a true community.

What inspired you to start Pure Barre?

I actually was inspired while discovering it in Nashville, Tennessee when I lived there. I took a class and it kicked my butt. I consider myself a pretty fit person that understands a lot of different workout techniques (kinesiology is my background) so the fact that I went to a studio and got my butt kicked with these tiny movements, and it was an intimate experience, and I saw results so quickly—I was sold.

What are your goals for the future of Pure Barre?

My goal for the future of Pure Barre is to maintain a really strong community. I think six years in, it becomes harder to be as relevant and as fresh and the “it” thing, so every single year that is my goal—to remain on top, to stay invested in our clients, and just keep growing an authentic community.

What are some ways you do that?

We hire staff that are true, open, big-hearted people, and that makes a huge difference, because the staff translates into the clientele. What you put out is what you attract, so it all marries together. Then I think also it’s making sure that we stay in tune with our clients and their interests, so that we continue to do events and invest in philanthropic efforts that align with our community.

What’s in your bag?

I’m always going from workouts to meetings, so carrying something that’s a little nicer just helps me transition. The S’well bottle is my most favorite thing ever. It holds the temperature, it’s sleek, it matches my style, and it fits perfectly in my car. 

My phone is always with me. I’m constantly texting and answering e-mails. I have this phone case because it matches my color scheme. (That’s very important to me, if you can’t already tell.) And same thing with my computer—it’s my life, so that’s why it’s often in my bag. 

Sunglasses, because I can’t stand to be outside without them when it’s sunny.  Lip gloss. You always gotta have a little pop on the lip.  I carry smaller wallets because the reality is that when you’ve got something this big, sometimes you need to quickly transition into something smaller. 

I recently founded Moderna Muse as a network and resource hub for women. It’s a way to bring everything full circle with becoming exactly who you’re meant to be, which is your inner muse. It’s not just barre; it’s how you show up, how you present yourself, where your inspiration comes from, what avenues you’re pursuing, conversations you have with people. We want to give women a place where they get all of those things, so our events always bring in elements of creativity, health, and fashion. 

Best Indoor Cycling Studio


Indoor cycling classes can sometimes feel redundant and boring—but not here. A combination of high energy, great music, and trainers beaming with enthusiasm encourages you to work hard and have fun while doing it.

2. Love Cycling Studio

3. kor180

Best Pilates Studio

1. Pure Pilates Austin

Not your average Pilates studio, Pure Pilates works hard to give you a personalized full body workout on their megaformer Pilates machine.

2. kor180

3. Mauro Pilates (tie)

4. Castle Hill Fitness (tie)

Best Boxing/MMA Gym

1. Lion’s Krav Maga

This gym accepts all ages and skill levels, with classes that educate kids and teens in comprehensive self-defense and anti-bullying programs. For adults, Krav Maga and conditioning are available at all times of the day.

2. Fight Club Austin

3. Impact Strong

Best Youth Fitness Organization

1. CG Victory Youth Adventure

Camp Gladiator’s nonprofit program motivates kids to get active and be adventurous. It’s a great way to keep kids busy, have fun, and get them excited about healthy living.


3. Young Guns

Best Free Community Workout

1. Stronghorn Saturday Sweat Sessions

The Stronghorn Saturday Sweat Session (also known as #SSSS) will kick your weekend off right. You’ll bust your butt to earn your shower, and make new friends in the fitness community.

2. Camp Gladiator Saturdays

3. Dane’s Body Shop Sundays

Best Personal Trainer

1. Mike O’Hara

2. Kim Eagle

3. Ashley Rollins

Best Yoga Instructor

1. Gustavo Padron

Gustavo shares his lively and passionate spirit with Austin’s yoga community through classes, workshops, and philanthropic events. We highly recommend taking his YoStrong class at Wanderlust Yoga if you want a great burnout finished off with a deep stretch.

2. Amelia Raun

3. Brittany Michelle Collinge

Best Pilates Instructor

1. Maja Kermath

The founder behind kor180 isn’t just a savvy business woman and compassionate community leader, she’s also a favored Pilates teacher. She created the one-of-a-kind korFormer machine used in the Reform classes; nobody knows how to get the most of out it like she does.

2. Liana Mauro

3. Vlada Sheber

Best Barre Instructor

1. Kathryn Holleman

Part of the Pure Barre family for over six years, Kathryn has found her groove as an instructor through a focus on form and fun. Try her classes for a full body shakedown (literally!).

2. Hollie Collins-Dean

3. Casey Lepper

Best Running Coach

1. Gilbert Tuhabonye

Hailing from Burundi, and heading the Gazelle Foundation, Gilbert inspires us to be charitable, grateful, and encourages his students to “run with joy!”

2. Valerie Hunt

3. Steve Sisson

Best Triathlon Coach

1. Natasha Van der Merwe

Her résumé touts her as a former professional tennis player, a coach at Austin Aquatics and Sports Academy, and a professional triathlete. No doubt that Natasha is a demonstration of outstanding athleticism. If you want to be the best, train with the best.

2. Peri Kowal

3. David Garza​

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