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Best Strength & Conditioning Gym (Non-CrossFit)

1. Bigger Faster Stronger - WINNER

Located slightly outside of Austin in Manchaca, Texas, Bigger Faster Stronger turns everyone who walks through the door into an athlete. Their HIIT classes have put them on the map.

2. CG Arena

3. Dane’s Body Shop 

Mike O’Hara — Bigger Faster Stronger, owner, and winner of 2016’s Best Personal Trainer.

What do you expect out of a new client when they sign up?

I've been blessed to have trained people of all walks of life, and I've learned that it’s hard to “expect” any one thing while every athlete is so different. What I hope for, more than anything, is an open line of communication and trust. I ask my clients to trust me completely and to never hesitate with any questions, comments, or concerns. I've never had a client put all their trust in me, do exactly as I ask, and not have incredible results. It's all about trust and communication. 

What are some pieces of gym equipment you can’t do without?

I often joke and tell people all I need is a ball, band, and a corner and I can take someone through the workout of their life! My favorite piece of equipment is, hands down, the human body. But if I had to pick one thing it would be the BOSU ball. It's such a diverse piece of equipment with a laundry list of uses and limitless benefits.

How are your workouts unique to the others found in Austin?

I pride myself in being every athlete's one-stop shop. So much so that I recently designed a HIIT program with 10 classes per week so my clients can come in and knock out their cardio. In all my years of training, two of the most common problems I've come across is clients having trouble with knowing how to properly eat and people having issues with not only doing their cardio, but actually pushing themselves during their cardio. My HIIT classes are intense but last only 25 minutes, so you're in and out within 30! It's a great standalone program to shred fat and tone up, but combined with my personal training, you're bound to take your fitness to the next level! I take great pride in being able to offer both top-notch personal training and high-quality classes, as well.  

What’s your approach to personal training?

I approach each client with an open heart and an open mind. In order for my clients to succeed, I have to be willing to adjust my sails as often as needed. Some athletes are motivated by being yelled at, while others will shut down. My coaching tactics shift from athlete to athlete. I can't be a hard-nosed drill sergeant for everyone—something that fatherhood has certainly taught me. 

Not every body type will see the same success from the exact same nutrition plan, or the exact same cardio program, or the exact same supplement recommendations. I do have a specific and precise program that I progress all of my clients through but there are certain phases throughout that I can and will modify if necessary. My approach, although deliberate in that we get results, is as open and varied as you'll find!

What’s in your gym bag?

My supplements from Total Nutrition, my GoPro, usually an EPIC bar, head phones, shaker bottle, water, a toy or two of my kids, my special socks for the trampoline bootcamp classes I teach at Altitude, and a few other random items!

Best Gym

1. Pure Austin

Pure Austin sets itself apart from competitors with special amenities and activities, like a two-story rock climbing wall and lake access exclusive to members. This is the kind of gym that will help you change your life for the better, thanks to award-winning nutritionists, dedicated personal trainers, and a performance testing center.

2. CG Arena

3. Gold’s

Best Bootcamp

1. Camp Gladiator

Camp Gladiator’s four-week adult fitness boot camp will get your blood pumping and your muscles moving. With a focus on equal parts strength, stamina, and speed, CG’s workout will provide positive results in a short time.

2. Stronghorn Fitness

3. Relentless Bootcamp

Best CrossFit Gym

1. CrossFit Central

As one of the first 50 CrossFit affiliates in the world and 11 years in Austin, it’s safe to say CrossFit Central knows how to give you a serious workout. The coaches at both locations radiate positivity and plan to continue building a brand of health and happiness through well-rounded programming.

2. Woodward CrossFit

3. CrossFit South Lamar

Best Yoga Studio

1. Black Swan

The donation-based yoga studio is a fan favorite, as it remains on top for the third year in a row. Feel free to take a drop-in class or purchase an affordable unlimited membership to get your yoga fix with charismatic instructors and unique classes.

2. Wanderlust

3. CorePower

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