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Best Chiropractor

1. John Tuggle - WINNER

2. Family Health Chiropractic 

3. Spinal Sports and Rehab

John Tuggle - The Tri Doc

How often do you recommend that patients come to visit you?

In most cases, with an acute injury, I’d recommend twice a week for four weeks. Then, we see where we are and make adjustment from there. 

How do you know when it’s time to see a chiropractor (versus a physical therapist or an orthopedist)?

I’m an athlete and I work really hard to keep athletes doing what they love to do. You need to go to a doctor that understands you, and I think athletes like that about me. If you have a soft tissue complaint, I’m your guy. For example, if you have pain from a posture problem, you’re going to have some imbalances in your muscles. We’ll work on correcting shoulder posture, getting good range of motion in joints, and strengthening your upper back.

What are some of the major causes of injuries in your patients?

I treat a lot of plantar fasciitis. Also, a lot of hamstring problems, gluteal, and hip flexor issues. About 80 percent of my patients fall under those. It’s very common among runners. You see it with triathletes, too; we often work on imbalances in the glutes and the hip flexor. That translates into a hip problem, where you have pain, but they’re all really caused by the same thing.

Do you have a preferred workout?

I never thought I’d be saying this, but running used to be my least favorite and now it’s my favorite. So, I’ve transitioned over the years. But really quality workouts, because they hurt the most but make you feel the best when you’re done with them. I love speed workouts. Swimming is probably my least favorite, putting that long distance in the pool.

What’s in your bag?

I do a little bit of everything, but I mostly do running, mountain biking, and triathlons. In my bag is my Trigger Point grid for post-workout. I’m a big fan of Hokas. BASE Salt to replenish electrolytes. Mountain bike shoes and helmet. Safety first!

Best Physical Therapist

1. Texas Physical Therapy Specialists

Home to more board-certified specialists than any other practice in Texas, Texas Physical Therapy Specialists is the place to go for injury rehabilitation. 

2. Mondo Sports Therapy

3. Jeff Potts

Best Acupuncturist

1. Matthew Kirsch

Formerly taking first place in the “Best Eastern Medicine” category in years past, Matthew still holds onto the winning title. His approach to healing is unique—both bodywork and acupuncture are implemented in his practice.

2. Ann Mowat

3. TigerLily Wellness and Acupuncture

Best OB/GYN Doctor

1. Christopher Seeker

Austin Area OB/GYN is lucky to have this repeat winner on staff yet again! His compassionate approach to women’s care makes him a standout physician in Central Texas.

2. Robert Cowan

3. Lisa Jukes

Best Orthopedic Doctor

1. Matthew Driscoll

His résumé is full of honors and accolades, and his work is reflective. But, the real reward for Dr. Driscoll is the ability to “provide patients with the same level of excellent service and compassionate care that I would offer a member of my own family.”

2. Shelby Carter

3. John McDonald

Best Dermatologist

1. Amy McClung

Dr. McClung’s ultimate goal is to help her patients in any way that she can. Her approach is nonjudgmental, and as an avid runner, she connects with fellow fitness lovers.

2. Renee Snyder

3. Westlake Dermatology

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