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Best Local Nonprofit

1. Austin Pets Alive! - WINNER

Founded in 2008, APA made a promise to increase live outcomes from shelters in Austin. Since then, they’ve saved more than 25,000 dogs and cats from euthanasia, and spearheaded both pet health and adoptive programs. Stop by their shelter and you might just find yourself a new furry friend.

2. CG Victory

3. Flatwater Foundation (tie)

4. Mobile Loaves + Fishes (tie)

APA Fun Facts

What are some things to consider prior to adopting a new animal friend?

Your housing situation—whether you live in an apartment or a home—the size isn’t really an issue, it’s more about your lifestyle. If you are active and you want your pet to do that with you, look for that kind of animal. Also, if you are in an apartment or somewhere you don’t own, look into their pet policies. You don’t want to adopt something that you’re gonna have to end up giving back. Financially, there are things to consider: can you afford adding a pet to your family? You have to factor in regular vet visits, their yearly check-ups, and heartworm and flea medication. You need to be prepared for some emergencies in case that happens. Make sure you’re in a good financial place and you know you’re ready to have an animal for a certain number of years. A cat can live on average 15–18 years, small dogs can live 15–18, and large dogs have a shorter lifespan of 10–12 years. 

What are the major sources of funding?

So, we don’t have any city support—our funding comes completely from donations, whether it’s the public or single donors. We’re also blessed to have so much community support, like Austin Subaru putting on Paddle for Puppies, which solely benefits the parvo puppy ward. We have third-party events across town all the time with different companies and organizations. We’ve even had kids run lemonade stands for us!

How is APA! different from other shelters?

We are focused on the animals most at-risk for euthanasia. Every single animal that comes here comes from a different shelter where they were on a euthanasia list. We have programs that are here solely to answer the reasons animals are being killed in shelters, like the parvo puppy ward, neonatal kitten nursery, and feline leukemia sanctuary. Our mission is to help these animals that are dying in shelters every year. We also do our canine good citizen program, where we take pitied dogs, such as pitbulls who are often overlooked because of the stigma attached, and train them. We list their skills so then people do a double look and see that they are adoptable. These dogs can walk through a crowded room without being distracted, or accept a friendly stranger. That’s what sets us apart—we have programs that are actively fighting these reasons for killing, more than just being an adoption center.

What kind of volunteer opportunities are available at APA?

You name the skill you want to use and we can probably put you to work. If you want to do data entry, we have data entry. If you want to walk dogs, you can walk dogs. For that, you have to go to volunteer orientation—which is a program that can be done online. Anything outside of walking dogs includes laundry, stuffing rubber toys with peanut butter, and helping out in the neonatal kitten nursery. We have bottle baby feeders—those are very dedicated volunteers because it’s at least a six-week stint of feeding by bottle in the nursery. There’s all kinds of grounds work like mowing and cutting trees, too. 

Fittest CEO

1. Ally Davidson

The former champion of “American Gladiator” built a fitness empire under Camp Gladiator’s name and has fiercely led the company into popularity and prosperity.

2. Jess Martin

3. Aubrey Marcus

Best Hair Salon

1. Milk + Honey

Milk + Honey wins yet another top spot in the year’s “Best of.” There’s a reason Austinites are crazy about their services, but we suggest finding out why for yourself.

2. Jose Luis

3. Urban Betty

Best Camping Spot

1. Inks Lake

With over 200 campsites and 22 available for rent cabins, Inks Lake offers fun both on and off the water. Fish, kayak or scuba dive on the lake, or put your feet to the test on the nine miles of beautiful, hilly hiking trails. 

2. Pedernales Falls State Park

3. Enchanted Rock

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