2015 AFM Best Of Awards

Our annual survey results are in! And now, we present to you the most popular people and places in Austin’s health and fitness community.

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Best Personal Trainer
1. Kim Eagle
Kim is another repeat “AFM Best of” winner, due to her great energy and work on Earn That Body!—an online personal training service she created. She also won Best Fitness Ambassador this year.
2. Josh Blalock
3. Jess Powers

Best Yoga Instructor
1. Gustavo Padron
A self-described “sweat junkie,” Gustavo teaches at Wanderlust and will guide you into proper form while giving you the extensive workout you desire.
2. Erinn Lewis
3. Amelia Raun

Best Barre Instructor
1. Rashanna Moss
The fearless and fit founder behind Pure Barre cares about improving the lives of her students as well as impacting the community with her positivity and motivational spirit. 
2. Melissa Garza
3. Marnie Duncan

Best OB/GYN Doctor
1. Christopher Seeker, MD
Austin Area OB/GYN is lucky to have this repeat winner on staff! His compassionate approach to women’s care makes him an outstanding physician in Central Texas.
2. Robert Cowan, MD
3. Marco Uribe, MD

“Effective communication is crucial when someone is in pain and looking for help. People in Austin are smart and want to be involved in the decision-making process when it comes to their health. I take the time to teach each patient about their condition (in an understandable way) so that we can work together to create the best treatment plan for them. I think people appreciate that.” - Dr. Matt Driscoll, Best Orthopedic Doctor

Best Orthopedic Doctor
1. Matt Driscoll, MD
His résumé is full of honors and accolades, but the real reward for Dr. Driscoll is the ability to “provide patients with the same level of excellent service and compassionate care that I would offer a member of my own family.”
2. Ted Spears, MD
3. Michael Burris, MD

Best Dermatologist
1. Amy McClung, MD
Dr. McClung’s ultimate goal is to help her patients in any way she can. Her approach is nonjudgmental and as an avid runner, she connects with fellow fitness lovers.
2. Renee Snyder, MD
3. Colby Evans, MD

Best Dentist
1. Nazim Shahi, DMD
Although Dr. Shahi has his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree, he still strives to further his knowledge in the area of dental health. His South Austin office is posh and inviting, making it a comfortable environment for patients.
2. Greg Ueckert, DDS
3. Mark Sweeney, DDS (tie)
3. Bryan Smith, DDS (tie)

Ally Davidson, Fittest CEO

Fittest CEO
1. Ally Davidson of Camp Gladiator
Ally has achieved her childhood dream of starting a fitness camp, making her career feel like more of a lifestyle and less of a job. The CG mission statement is “Positively impacting as many lives as possible,” and Ally continues to do this through CG’s success.
2. Brad Weimert of Easy Pay Direct
3. Aubrey Marcus of Onnit

Best Cycling Instructor
1. Maja Kermath
Maja once worked in the tech world, but desired to become a different kind of influencer. She started Kor180 from scratch, with passion and intention to not just teach spin classes, but inspire people to live out their dreams.
2. David Garza
3. Tara Granberry

Best Massage Therapist
1. Michelle Hittner
Michelle's experiencs as a triathlete, CrossFitter and cyclist helps her better understand how to relate to clients that come to her with fitness-related soreness and pain.
2. Sue Fegelman
3. Emily Vorland

Best Chiropractor
1. John Tuggle
Better known as “The Tri Doc,” Dr. Tuggle has been on the "Best of" list for three years in a row (which is the same number of Ironmans he's completed!).
2. Daniel Gonzalez
3. Daniel Bockman

Best Running Coach
1. Gilbert Tuhabonye
Hailing from Burundi, and heading the Gazelle Foundation, Gilbert insipires us to be charitable, grateful and encourages his students to"run with joy!"
2. Steve Sisson
3. Valerie Hunt

Best Triathlon Coach
1. Peri Kowal
With 15 years of triathlon competitions under her belt, Peri knows the ins and outs, as well as the ups and downs better than anyone.
2. Erin Truslow
3. Natasha Van De Merwe

“My intention with each client is that they walk away not only achieving their goals, but making permanent shifts in how they think, feel and behave. I want them to realize that there is a deeper meaning to weight loss, improved digestion or stress management. They walk away knowing that self care bleeds into every aspect of their life, improving success in places that they never thought were connected to food. They improve their health, but they also have a deeper level of peace and true happiness. Oh, and one last thing, that diets don’t work!” - Carly Pollack, Best Nutritionist

Best Nutritionist/Dietitian
1. Carly Pollack (Nutritional Wisdom)
Carly has a bubbly and energetic personality that immediately puts her clients at ease. She's the woman behind Nutritional Wisdom and works to educate about the importance of balance.
2. Natalie Olsen
3. Meredith Terranova

Best Runner
1. Paul Terranova
Paul is an ultra-runner who never stops moving. Always looking for the next adventure or challenge, he has an unmatched mental and physical endurance. 
2. Gilbert Tuhabonye
3. Leo Manzano

Best Triathlete
1. David Garza
David Garza is a local personal trainer with a background in running, cycling and triathlons. As one of the founders of the new spin studio, Love Cycle, he continues to make an impact on the fitness community.
2. Kim Eagle
3. Kelly Williamson

Best Cyclist
1. David Garza
2. Lance Armstrong
3. Kelly Williamson

Best Pilates Instructor

​1. Maja Kermath
2. Tobie Funte Flannery
3. Liana Mauro 

Best Swimmer
1. Julie Stupp
NCAA All-American swimmer turned elite triathlete Julie doesn't stop pushing the limits.
2. Andrea Fischer
3. Brendan Hansen

Best CrossFit Coach
1. Dave Appel
The CrossFit South Lamar coach has dedicated his life to training and teaching for over 20 years. He leads by example, bringing diversity into his training regimen. 
2. Chris Hartwell
3. Justin Adams

Austin’s Best Fitness Ambassador
1. Kim Eagle 
2. Caprice Richards
3. Jess Martin


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