Coach Carrie's Coolest Finds at The Running Event

AFM's fitness writer walked the aisles of Austin's annual fitness expo and found some attention-grabbing new gear.

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Yep, this product definitely wins two awards: One for making me laugh the loudest. Two for being the booth I wanted to stay at the longest. I mean, seriously, how often do you walk by someone and have them stop and ask if you want to get buffed?? Well, I’m in!

This body buffer is perfect for both pre-workout activation and blood flow as well as post-workout recovery. The BFF (and my new BFF) felt great. Hell, it even has attachments for moisturizing and exfoliating unwanted hair. Lucky for expo attendees, I had shaved my legs that morning and didn’t need to have any hair buffed off my legs. (Not to mention, I had my trepidations about that after attempting to use that crazy Epilady trimmer product back in the 80s. Still have some emotional scarring from that pain!)

This is a brand new product and I certainly wish them well in their endeavor for keeping people in the buff.

Here is a link to their online store. Even Jeff Galloway is an affiliate.

Click to Page 4 to see my review on GLUKOS


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