Coach Carrie's Coolest Finds at The Running Event

AFM's fitness writer walked the aisles of Austin's annual fitness expo and found some attention-grabbing new gear.

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As I told the creators and staff at the booth, “They’re like a nap for my feet.” (P.S. The pedicure was a serendipitous coincidence. I had no idea I’d be trying on these shoes. You should’ve seen my snaggled toes two days prior. You’re welcome.)

You know that feeling when you go to a hotel and the pillows and bed feel like heaven as soon as you lie down? That’s how it felt when I slipped on these babies. They were ridiculously comfortable. My first impression: “Hmm, shoes that look like Crocs.” Uh no. They had amazing arch support and, as the staff said, “You have to try them on to really believe how good they feel.” At first I thought of practical uses like basic shower or pool shoes, but I’ve already been using them as everyday-wear (Yes, I wear flip flops in December) and also around the house—especially on our hardwood and concrete floors. I highly recommend them for post-run recovery too.

Here is the link to their retailer locations or their on-line store.

Click to Page 3 to see my review on the BFF 2.0 Miracle Body Buffer


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