Can You Obtain Your Ideal Body in a Healthy Way…and Keep It?

ADVERTORIAL: 2013 SMSC Winner – Lindsey Meyer’s story of weight gain and her journey to health & happiness

Lindsey Meyer shines in the spotlight and the camera is her friend.  She won the Austin Fit Social Media Swimsuit Contest in 2013 and was featured in the magazine with a bikini photo shoot.  So how did she suddenly put on 25 pounds, a weight swing so dramatic her wedding dress did not fit?  Here is her story and why we all need to work smarter, not harder.

I met Lindsey at the NPC Texas Shredder in May of 2011.  I had worked hard for 6 months to go from 25% body fat to 9.5% body fat, a pace which most could not believe.  When I heard Lindsey trained for only 6 weeks to prepare, I could not believe my ears!  Six weeks compared to my six months of aggressive physical transformation just seemed wrong…and it was.

She was 100% compliant to a typical physique show preparation program that most competitors and crash dieters looking to get quick body composition results utilize. Her routine emphasized only high volume workouts that disregarded the need for periodization, included lots of cardio, and used a very restrictive low fat diet.  Lindsey did everything to the best of her abilities, as did I…but our training and nutritional approaches couldn’t be more different.  Her program focused solely upon being stage ready, while mine focused on cellular health, correcting imbalances, and an evolving diet that changed in sync with the periodization of my workout cycles.  I got very lucky when I found my trainer, while Lindsey was not fortunate enough to have found that kind of guidance. We both want people to be aware of what to look out for because it can literally change your life.

I lost touch with Lindsey after I got married and had a baby.  She stayed in the spotlight and I was in the mommy trenches, hoping to someday see my abs come back together.  I would see her photos on Facebook and show my husband, Ryan, who would say “someday, it’s going to catch up with her.”  Shortly after she won the Austin Fit SMSC, I texted her to see how wedding plans were going.  Lindsey told me she had put on 25 pounds and no diet she tried worked.  She was eating zero carbs and being extremely disciplined, but made no progress and only put on more weight for her efforts.  It had happened...she was on the downward spiral of weight gain, at the mercy of metabolic damage and adrenal fatigue. 

Lindsey spent thousands of dollars on nutritionists, trainers, and supplements, but nothing and no one could help her.  She changed gyms from embarrassment and none of her competition friends understood.  Some fellow competitors even accused her of closet eating.  Who would have thought the glowing girl in the bikini photos would be hiding out and crying?

We had just opened our new gym in Lakeway called Atlas Fit, so we offered as a wedding gift to work with Lindsey for free to help fix her physique.  Every Saturday morning, my husband Ryan and his head trainer James Morrison, both Poliquin PICP-II trainers, measured Lindsey with calipers and the scale.  Based upon her measurements, they wrote her a customized diet and workout plan for the week.  We were doubtful we could meet her wedding dress deadline due to the slower training and nutrition approach required when dealing with adrenal fatigue, but that didn’t stop us from trying.  We had less than 3 months until her dress fitting, and she needed to lose 25 pounds to meet her goal of weighing 130 pounds.

As we feared, progress was very slow in the beginning.  Ryan changed her workouts from high volume to strength training to elicit a different hormonal response from her body.  He mandated her to take rest days, which she had NEVER done since she started training in 2011.  Just imagine 3 years without a day of rest…this girl was disciplined!  Ryan cut her cardio and told her to relax her diet.  This was all counterintuitive, but Lindsey trusted us because she had seen us manage to stay healthy over the course of years and even through my pregnancy.

After a few weeks of no change, Ryan identified an estrogen detox pathway that Lindsey’s body was not using.  Once he added a specialized supplement to enable this pathway, as well as another supplement to aid in digestion, her progress was much faster, at the rate of about 1% body fat per week.  Lindsey’s confidence gradually increased until she weighed in perfectly on target right before her dress fitting, with that trademark shining smile in her “after” photo.

At Lindsey’s wedding, it was wonderful to see her in the mermaid cut lace dress, looking like the perfect bride.  It was obvious that she felt good and looked good, and her new husband, Chase Fishback, thanked Ryan at the reception for his work with Lindsey; a thank you which made it all worthwhile.                  

In their work together, Ryan showed Lindsey how unhealthy she was and how obsessing over body image and diet was self-defeating.  She complied with his instruction even though things got worse before they got better as they fixed inflammation, hormonal, and adrenal issues.  Ryan taught Lindsey about chemical toxicity from everyday products and how this contributed to her hormonal imbalances.  He educated her on how much added hormones in meat affected her body as well.  Ryan helped Lindsey understand how important it was to rest and recover, and to adhere to workout cycles, not using the same type of workout every day. 

Lindsey credits Ryan and James at Atlas Fit for her transformation.  Lindsey no longer has to eat fish and asparagus or cut salt to be lean, and she doesn’t eat the same thing repeatedly.  She is happy and confident with her body, and the best part is she doesn't have to be disciplined to point of misery to obtain this new level of perfection.

Lindsey wants to share the painful details of her story to give other struggling athletes hope.  Even if damage has been done to your body, it can be reversed with the right team.  Atlas Fit only employs the best, most specialized trainers who are true experts in fitness.  It is our goal at Atlas Fit to help every client, no matter how complex the case or how aggressive the goal, to get real results that lead to long term health and happiness.  Visit to find out more about our team and facility.

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