Austin Fit Field Trip: Flywheel Sports


I was lucky enough to have our staff field trip be my second class at Flywheel Sports at the Domain in their first week of their opening. And I have to say, there will definitely be a third trip, a fourth, and so on. From my first class, during their preview ride days before the actual official opening, I was impressed. Not just with the elements of the class but the team effort that went into a smooth and welcoming opening for all the attendees. Major kudos to your team members that were involved! And when it came to the workouts, both of them, the format was what I have been craving in a spin class in Austin for a long while. It was a spin class for cyclists. Intervals that worked you, stats that motivated you, and music that pushed you. There wasn't (much) dancing to the beat on the bikes, if you know what I mean. Flywheel Sports brought it back to getting a great workout by spinning the wheels of bike as if you were actually on the open road. Again, kudos Flywheel Sports and thank you.



As a self proclaimed stationary cycling junkie, I was thrilled to try out a new instructor and methodology this past week at Flywheel Sports at the Domain. The experience exceeded m y expectations. My instructor, Julia Gytri, was anything but intimidating and made the whole experience worth while. Her positive energy helped me to overcome perceived obstacles on the bike and in my head. The Flywheel Sports method is unlike any of the other cycling classes I have tried in the past. It is a numbers game. If you are someone, like myself, who prefers to visualize your progress—Flywheel Sports is the spot for you. I felt very in control of my ride, watching my stats pad track my efforts toward the finish line. However, what puts Flywheel Sports at the top of my list is the ability to revisit these stats, which are stored on your account as a rider. There is nothing better than looking back on where you started to see how far you have come. I will definitely be back!



It's no secret that I don't care much for spin classes. I agreed to try this class at Flywheel after being convinced by Alex and Kristin that this studio does things differently—and I will admit, they were right. The shoes were comfortable, the bikes were easy to clip into, and the saddle didn't leave my butt feeling numb. Best of all, though, was the ability to see your effort output in real time. It's not unusual to lose the instructor in a high-intensity class, but with detailed commands about how many RPMs you're supposed to be spinning, staying on track was a breeze. For those who are competitive (unlike me), you can follow the Torqboard to see how you fare against other riders in the class. If I had to compare it to anything, I'd say this is the OrangeTheory Fitness of cycling classes. I would also recommend taking Julia's class! Not only did she stay on the bike to do the workout with us, she also cracked a few jokes and kept the mood light.



These bikes fit my body perfectly. I loved the competitive aspect their training classes bring. I want to know which specific resistance I'm in, what speed I'm going, and their calculated Power Index is cool too! You can challenge yourself, your friend next to you in class, or everyone. After the class is done, your data is stored on your Flywheel Sports profile so you can see your progress. So cool! Their facilities were also really nice with many lockers and even showers for after your class. This is the spin class for you if you're looking for something challenging, fun, and not too much dancing on the bike. I will be back. Thank you, Julia Gytri!



Flywheel was the best spin class I've experienced yet. Not only can I actually see and keep track of how hard I'm pushing myself by glancing at my personal RPM and torq reader attached to my bike, I can compare that to how hard my spin counterparts are pushing on the big screen. It's a refreshing take on the exhausting "Okay, take your resistance up two turns to the right," that was constantly making me wonder if I was even close to the correct resistance level. The icing on the cake was our instructor Julia Gytri who never failed to be motivating and encouraging of everyone in the class. Overall, it was a great workout!


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