The Most Delicious, Locally-Based Coffee Brews in Austin

Photography by Abby Drane

Casa Brasil Zanetti Brothers Blend 

Flavor: Rich Chocolate with red fruit sweetness

Staff Thoughts: Mild, slightly bitter, smooth texture, buttery, tart aftertaste


Little City Republic 

Flavor: Sweet cherry, Velvety, Dark Chocolate 

Staff Thoughts: well-rounded, earthy, rolls off the tongue


Chameleon Cold-Brew: Chicory; Mexican Coffee 

Flavor: Cajun Cousin to Chameleon's signature coffee (Chicory); south of the border twist with cinnamon, almond, and a touch of sweet vanilla (Mexican) 

Staff Thoughts: sweet chai taste, dark, minimal aftertaste, no sugar or milk needed (Chicory); Would pair well with almond milk for an instant horchata, smells like cinnamon rolls (Mexican).


ONNIT Premium Arabica Coffee: Dark Roast 

Flavor: Chocolatey overtones with bright and fruity notes, creamy smooth mouth feel

Staff Thoughts: Darkest coffee we tasted, earthy, buttery, to ignite the primal being within


Third Coast Roasting Coffee Company:

Kerbey Lane Cafe Fair Trade House Blend 

Flavor: Starts bright and sweet, finishes with a light caramel aftertaste

Staff Thoughts: Medium bodied, low acidity, a perfectly balanced go-to house blend


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