A Sustainable Loop March 2018

A Sustainable Loop

Running serves a purpose. In the new year, many set goals to lose weight or complete a marathon. During the year, running can be used to destress or catch up with friends on Lady Bird Lake Trail. There are dozens of reasons to run, but they all come down to the joy that running produces in every aspect of our life. When done right, it is everlasting. And for marriages, business, and running—sustainability is what you want.

Leadership Through Love March 2018

Leadership Through Love

Claire Siegel is the Lead Dietician of Snap Kitchen, the healthy meal delivery service, and Haley Robison is the CEO of Kammok, Austin’s beloved outdoor gear company. Even with their demanding professional careers, these two Austin women also make time for relationships, self-care, travel, and fitness. How do they manage to do it all? We sat down with them to find out.

Fuel Your Life with Love February 2018

Fuel Your Life with Love

These two entrepreneurial couples use their love for each other and for their passions to thrive in their relationships and businesses.

The Tutor House February 2018

The Tutor House

We are all allotted 24 hours each day. No one gets more. No one gets less. And yet some people seem to take each hour and squeeze the most they can out of it. Brett Tutor is that guy.

Fitness as a Catalyst for a New Way of Life January 2018

Fitness as a Catalyst for a New Way of Life

Two transformational stories of men who used fitness to turn their lives around and are now inspiring others to do the same.

Tim Rawlings: Building RaWW (Plant-Based) Strength December 2017

Tim Rawlings: Building RaWW (Plant-Based) Strength

This Olympic weightlifting athlete is making gains on a vegan diet and intermittent fasting protocol. He’s a renowned coach here in Austin—so meet the man himself at CrossFit South Lamar, where he focuses on teaching proper weightlifting technique.

Grabbing Life by the Vines December 2017

Grabbing Life by the Vines

Bruce and Ronda Prothro inspire us to continue to pursue our passions, stay active, and prioritize relationships and community at every age. They have found a challenging yet sustainable way to maintain these priorities through their winemaking. With their zeal for life, it is no surprise that their once hobby eventually turned into a successful business.

The Business of Fitness November 2017

The Business of Fitness

Eight companies in Austin are enhancing the way we eat, exercise, and connect through unbridled innovation.

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