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Texas 4000: Why We Ride None 

Texas 4000: Why We Ride

By challenging my mind and body and raising $4,500 or more for cancer research through Texas 4000, I wanted to honor my mother, family, and friends affected by cancer.

Austin Fit Field Trip: Atlas Fit None 

Austin Fit Field Trip: Atlas Fit

The AFM team spent a morning strength session with the trainers at Atlas Fit.

Mood-Enhancing Flow July 2018

Mood-Enhancing Flow

This flow from Lauren McLaughlin at SunstoneFIT will help you to lengthen, strengthen, and move your body in directions opposing habitual movement, creating emotional and physical benefits.

Neuroscience of Mountain Climbing June 2018

Neuroscience of Mountain Climbing

How dopamine helps us accomplish our goals.

Canyon Adventure Training June 2018

Canyon Adventure Training

Thousands of people descend and ascend the famous Bright Angel and South Kaibab Trails of the Grand Canyon annually. While it’s not easy, there is one unofficial trek reserved for the crazy: a one-day Rim-to-rim-to-rim Crossing.

Embracing Ultimate Frisbee May 2018

Embracing Ultimate Frisbee

Ahh frisbee. A word, albeit my spell checker still refuses to acknowledge, slowly gaining acknowledgement around the world. I’m not talking the jaunt-to-the-park-with-your-pals-to-toss-a-frisbee, frisbee. I’m talking cleated, sprinting, stack-setting, field-hucking, lay-out soaring, goal-scoring  frisbee. Ultimate frisbee.

Don’t Skip Grip Day April 2018

Don’t Skip Grip Day

This month’s workout focuses on the nuanced science behind a strong grip and the best exercises to start incorporating in your current routine.

Acro Yoga February 2018

Acro Yoga

This acro yoga inspired workout requires loads of trust and partner communication, including openness to your partner’s feedback. Doing a workout where you and your partner are each other’s gym equipment adds a new element of balance and awareness to your routine, not to mention the most important element—fun! To begin your journey with acro yoga, or sharpen your existing skills, visit Lache Movement Co. for weekly (beginner-friendly) classes.

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