Grow Up!: 5 Local Farms Feeding Austin

Featuring five local farms rooted in feeding the community.

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Springdale Farm

Situated on a five-acre lot in the heart of East Austin is an idyllic oasis of lush greenery. The classic farmhouse, the chickens and ducks, the beanstalks higher than your head—it’s all there at Springdale Farm. When Glenn and Paula Foore purchased this property in 1992, it served as the hub for Glenn’s landscaping business. After nearly 17 years, they began to dabble in farming and it wasn’t long before they made the complete switch. There was no game plan—just a gut feeling. Today, they grow 70 varieties of crops.  

It’s clear that Glenn Foore’s landscaping background hasn’t been completely lost in this venture. Springdale Farm is a hot spot for hosting events. From weddings, to private tourist dinners, to farmer conventions, the area is frequently buzzing with visitors. Of those who come to Springdale Farm, Foore says it’s the local chefs who are the major supporters. They shop the produce, but also swap cooking tips and recipes when they’re mingling around the farm stand. In turn, this fosters a kind of community that Foore wholeheartedly embraces.

Springdale Farm thrives off connectivity. Drop by the farm stand and you’ll not only meet the farmer who grew the food—you’ll likely encounter a chef who cooks at one of your favorite dining spots. Amid like-minded people, your food suddenly becomes a little more authentic.

Beyond the farm, Foore looks for other opportunities to support those around him. For instance, about two years ago he had a surplus of tomatoes. His solution? Call up five charities and give away a few hundred pounds of tomatoes. The farm also has a solid relationship with the surrounding urban farms, and will even refer customers to them if they’re low or out of a certain vegetable. This speaks to the true mission of feeding Austin the highest quality of produce and setting residents up for good health—which always ranks higher than making an extra buck.


Affiliated Cause: Springdale Center for Urban Agriculture

Focusing on urban areas, the Springdale Center for Urban Agriculture offers learning opportunities for children and adults on how food is planted, propagated, and harvested in a hands-on environment. Educational programs can be tailored for children of all ages. The emphasis is on children, and giving them a headstart on sustainable practices and healthy choices. Through this nonprofit, Springdale Farm partners with various kids camps that want to provide a true farm experience.


Farm Stand

Wednesdays & Saturdays 9 a.m.—1 p.m.

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