Easy as 1-2-3

performed by Megan Miller, Crossfit Central

photos by Brian Fitzsimmons

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1/ Front Squat


Train the squat movement with an anterior load. As the upper leg lowers below horizontal, work to maintain a more upright torso to effectively handle the resistance with good posture.   

Start with a shoulder-width stance and toes rotated slightly outward.  Hold the barbell or kettlebells in a front rack position in contact with the anterior, meaty part of the shoulder.  

Elbows should be pointing forward for barbell loading and to avoid the bar rolling out of position. 

Imagine you are standing over a bucket and lower your hips into the bucket by flexing at the hips, knees and ankles.  

Squat maintaining an upright torso and front rack with barbell in position. The wrist should be relaxed with fingers simply holding barbell placement.  

This should be a smooth controlled movement with a short pause showing control at the bottom.  Then, push your heels through the floor to extend the lower body and return to the start position. 


A dowel rod or lighter body bar may be used while learning the movement. Movement quality is the priority to build efficiency and safety in the Wall Ball Test.

The physical ability to gain movement efficiency and build work capacity are key for completing the Wall Ball Test and hitting your personal record of reps in one minute. Don’t forget to reach out to your local personal trainers or strength coaches to assist in your technique and training for this year’s AFM FITTEST! 



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