Reviewing the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge: Week Three Results

Week three of the My Fit Foods Challenge

I’m not going to lie—there were some things I was pretty darn sick and tired of as I came into Week Three of the My Fit Foods 21 Day Challenge. I was tired of having microwaved or cold food. I was going to stab somebody with a fork if I had to eat more skinless, boneless, chicken chunks. Save me from cottage cheese (it’s a texture thing; I just don’t like it). But some things I was really beginning to enjoy. Believe it or not, I liked starting the morning with my cranberry/vinegar/lemon shot. I was completely in love with not having to go to the grocery store or plan my food. I had no problem with simply eating what I was told to eat. My body had even come to terms with how often I was eating and I felt like I was on a manageable schedule. I quite looked forward to a lot of the different meals and snacks. My husband and I often compared which ones we liked and tried to make mental notes about how to recreate them on our own. I saved quite a few of my plastic dishes, though I still felt guilty every time I dropped one in the recycling bin.

[caption id="attachment_18442" align="alignleft" width="300"]My Fit Foods Receipts My Fit Foods Receipts[/caption]

There was one problem:  cravings. Out of the blue, I was craving chocolate and Fritos. Sweet and salty. These cravings seem to be part and parcel of aging issues with me; I’m 51 years old, and the ol’ hormones they are a’swinging. I found that I had to add something to alleviate those cravings and so I cheated a couple of nights with an after dinner “dessert” of one date and four walnut halves.

I did a pretty good job of sticking with my meals throughout but I’m not going to lie and say I was perfect. I cheated. Where did this happen? Well, we went to Jackalope to watch “The Walking Dead” with my daughter and her boyfriend Sunday night after my 25K. I had two beers and three fried pickles over the course of the two hours we were there and enjoyed it all immensely (if only Andrea could have become zombie food, my evening would have been complete). I ate the aforementioned dates/nut snack. I had a beer at the AFM March issue release party at Banger’s (look: With a beer menu like that, how can a beer lover pass this up? Clearly this one couldn’t). But I actually passed on taking a cheat day meal in the home stretch of the 21-day challenge.

Nothing motivates me like getting some results. For the first time in a long time, the numbers on the scale were actually moving…and moving in the right direction. I’ve been stuck for so long with very few results. Suddenly, clothes felt a little looser, and a few people told me they could see some changes. I felt better, had more energy, and was not crashing in the late afternoon (and running off to find a snack to “pick me up”). My joints felt better. I felt less puffy in the morning and evenings. My workouts were going well. I even think my skin looked better.

I also have to recognize that a part of this could have to do with changing up my exercise. I’m taking a break from my running coach right now; we both felt that it was necessary for me to rest up after my 50 miler at Rocky Raccoon, work some shorter distances, and come back to training for distance in a while. One of the things I was going to do during this break was work on my body—getting my weight down and spending more time in the gym. So in addition to taking the My Fit Food challenge, I moved from running four to five days a week and going to the gym once a week to hitting the gym three times a week and running three times a week. I have a wonderful trainer at Pure Austin, Jackie Brumbalow, and if I ever win the lottery, we’ll work out every day together (pinkie promise, Jackie). I think the strength and core work is helping with the weight results. One day, Jackie brought in some of those big sugar cookies with icing that you can buy at the grocery store bakery, and she laid one by my head as I did my workout. It didn’t particularly appeal to me in the first place but by the 8,000th push-up (well, it felt like 8,000), I wanted to hurl the reeking thing out the window. Her point was to show that we could still have a cookie—we just had to be willing to accept the cost of having it and be aware of the food choice we were making. Mine went in the trash.

Everyone doing the 21 Day Challenge needed to go weigh in at the end. I went in a few days before my time was actually done. We’d skipped the office weigh in at the beginning; I’d simply told Lauren my weight, which I said was 150. Ahem.  It was actually 150.6 the first morning of my 21-day challenge. My weight when I finished on my home scale was 146.2.  I’d lost 4.4 pounds. I’d been trying to lose five pounds forever, it seemed. And here I’d done it in 21 days—OK, I know it’s a few ounces shy of five but you know what I mean.

The big question for me at the end of the challenge was this:  What’s going to happen to my weight when I’m eating my own food?

Week 3 Weigh-in Results

March 3          147.6

March 4          148.6

March 5          148.2

March 6          148.2

March 7          147.8

March 8          147.6

March 9          146.2

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