AFM Fit Field Trip: Tetra Fitness

The AFM team took on Total Body Cycle.

Image courtesy of Tetra Fitness

Recently, Austin Fit Magazine had the opportunity to visit and workout with Tetra Fitness, which offers a unique blend of group training and indoor cycling classes. Take a look at our thoughts after taking on Total Body Cycle.


This was not my first experience at Tetra Fitness, but it was my first time with Erin Wehrmann and her spin class. That’s one of the things I love about this place—the variety in what Tetra has to offer. While it has a boutique feel, the trainers are top-notch, including owner Kathy Redden, who will give you a workout you’ll never forget (BARE Foot Burn – attempt at your own risk!), plus a wide selection of classes including weights, running, cycling, yoga, and more. 

I’ve taken a lot of spin classes, and I can say Erin’s approach was a refreshing mix of both the traditional and new styles of class. There was the incorporation of hill climbs, setting your cadence while increasing your gears, which tremendously works your aerobic capacity.  But, there is also a weight section of the class, adding a mix of anaerobic strength for your biceps, triceps, and shoulders.  Not to worry though, the weight you choose is at your own discretion (I think I opted for the lighter dumbbells.)

Ultimately, when you’re ready to jump into a workout with a lot of variety, and solid, experienced trainers, give Erin and her Total Body Cycle class a try.


Loved the Tetra workout. Our instructor was very enthusiastic and thus inspired me to work hard. I loved that we used the weights during the cycling workout. The lighting in the room made me, at times, feel like I was at a disco! Would love to do it again sometime.

I’m so happy Tetra Fitness invited us to try the Total Body Cycle class. I must start with the fact that I have never taken a spin class. I’ll be honest, as a beginner I was a little intimidated by a spin class that involved an upper body workout—while spinning. I can confidently say that the intimidation factor went out the window after completing this class. Erin was great at challenging us but also keeping everyone in a comfortable zone. I loved that she made us pace with the beat of the music; I was able to focus less on my legs being on fire. Oh, and her music selection was great! The upper-body inclusion was my favorite part. I was constantly reminded to engage my abs whether I was just peddling or doing bicep curls while still peddling. Clearly, there was a lot of peddling. I definitely experienced a total body workout. If you’ve thought about taking a spin class, I would highly recommend going to Tetra Fitness and trying out the Total Body Cycle class.

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