A Hotel That Brings Buzz to Bee Cave Road

It was refreshing to walk into the lobby after trekking in the rain to meet up with some friends who are staying here and invited me up for a drink and a bite to eat at Meridian 98, Sonesta Bee Cave's rooftop restaurant and lounge. 

As we're walking up to the restaurant, we walk past the pool. I wish the weather had been better or I would have jumped in. It looked like it provided a good amount of space that could easily accommodate larger parties. I'll be seeing YOU in the summer.

Up we go and find ourselves drawn to the outdoor patio space of Meridian 98. Not a bad view at all! It points out west so you can watch the sunset too. Down below you can also see the 1-mile trail that's accessible from the hotel doors. Great for a stroll that the family can enjoy.

I asked and there are gluten-free and vegetarian options, and 90 percent of the menu is Texas-sourced from local farms and ranches. I got a cocktail that was made with Texas tequila – a draft margarita made with locally sourced honey! There's also an all-Texas lineup of micro-brew beers available, and Texas wines. It's as Texas as it gets!

I got these bad boys: Fried Green Tomato and Pork Belly Sliders. Hey! I earned it. Especially since I did all that shopping at the Hill County Galleria that's also walkable from Sonesta.


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