9 Tips to Make the 2014 Austin Marathon Your Best Yet

How do you deal with the wind?

1. Start slow, running the first five miles at least five to ten seconds slower than your goal pace.

2. Concentrate on your competition—which is you. Focus on yourself, not on anybody else.

3. Go in to the race with a plan, visualizing certain points on the course.

4. Get a good warm up, don’t just show up at the start line and expect to be ready.

5. Dress for the occasion, wearing layers so that you can strip down if necessary.

6. When the going gets tough, keep going. Every marathon has a breaking point. Trust in your training to fight through it. Prepare in advance by having a few key things you can focus on to get your mind right.

7. Maintain an even effort—not pace—on the uphills and downhills. Don’t go too fast heading down Guadalupe, Duval, or San Jacinto. Don’t push too hard going up Congress, Shoal Creek, and Great Northern.

8. Make sure to keep hydrating during the race, no matter the weather.

9. Take advantage of the baggage check, ensuring you have clothes and any other necessary items at the finish line.

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