4 Ways to Improve Your Fitness Around Austin

Sometimes it’s just not possible to get to the gym on a regular basis. What if performing the same
workout routines several times a week isn’t inspiring you to make the trip? Rather than try to
motivate yourself unsuccessfully, it’s helpful to flip the script by trying something new instead. There
are a huge number of things to do in the Austin and surrounding area that are enjoyable and
contribute to improved fitness at the same time.
Here are four ways to improve your health while staying near the Austin area.
Get Your Groove on at Dance Austin Studio
For anyone who doesn’t enjoy going to the gym, taking up dancing is a good alternative way to burn
some calories while learning something new and having fun at the same time. It doesn’t matter if
you aren’t much of a dancer because Dance Austin Studio offers many classes at different times to
try out various styles of movement. Whether you’re into dancing along to pop tracks or you dig
some hip-hop beats, there’s something for everyone here. The calorie burn is high enough to be
more effective than walking too. Come rain or shine, it’s easy to fit a class in.
Are You Up for Stand Up Paddle Boarding?
Stand up paddle boarding has become the next thing for people who like to tone up, work their
muscles and enjoy the water for a good workout. The Texas Rowing Center is located over on the
Lady Bird Lake off West Cesar Chavez Boulevard. There are hourly and all-day rates available. Plus,
hiking trails nearby if you wish to mix up your activities on the day. The Texas Rowing Center has the
largest collection of rowing boards in the country, so you can rent the equipment when you arrive.
Bored with Hot Yoga? Try Aerial Yoga
Aerial yoga is available for advance yogis who want to strengthen their core, tone up and get a
complete workout while perfecting their positions. Looking beyond traditional yoga positions, aerial
yoga offers the opportunity to learn some tricks like spinning and body flips, which is really cool too.
Four Elements and Mind Body Yoga are the teams that run classes for this interesting alternative to
hot yoga and other forms of traditional yoga practice. When you think you’ve hit a ceiling in your
yoga classes, try something completely new with an introductory class to learn what it’s all about.
Learn How to Be Healthier
When wanting to be healthier, one way is to get into the medical health profession or advance up its
ranks to increase your knowledge about the human body and how it all works. Several online
doctoral nursing programs are available, which help people interested in improving both their health
and that of the people around them to do something positive beyond just working out. Study an
MSN to DNP online and learn how to get and stay healthier for the long-term so you can improve the
health of people in your local community at the same time.

It doesn’t really matter what you do with your health and fitness so long as you stay active and
positive minded. While going to the gym is the most common activity, mixing thing up and looking at
what approach supports your health goals best is a useful way to stay the path for long-term health
and happiness.

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